Leo’s List — The Mandalorian (episodes 1–5)

This is a review of the first five episodes of season one of The Mandalorian on Disney+ as well as some insane theories on what’s to come.

bad ass
why isn’t someone cuddling him at all times?
galaxy not so far far away
I smell a new Tales of the Bounty Hunters brewing
learning to ride this just to be on a swoop bike 2 eps later…
shining that spotlight on plot-holes like
“no, there is another”
don’t look so surprised
clone for me, baby
he’s a big, bad man
uncanny how much he looks like Dooku
I mean, come on, look at them

Fantasy/Sci-Fi reader and reviewer from Jersey City, NJ — Author of The Chronicles of Mayhem Contact at: LeoCharlesWriting@gmail.com

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